"Me @ the Zoo"

Documentary Feature Film

–Associate Producer + Assistant Editor (Remains Uncredited)–


Permanent Wave, Inc.

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Project Details

Title: Me @ the Zoo

Client: HBO Documentary Films

Employer:Permanent Wave, Inc.

Role: Associate Producer + Assistant Editor (Remains Uncredited)

Deliverable: Documentary Feature Film


Hands-on Associate Production and Assistant Editor for documentary feature ‘Me @ the Zoo’, the story of one of the internet’s first viral celebrities, Chris Crocker, of “Leave Britney Alone” fame.

The film examines Crocker’s empowered journey as a queer youth in rural Tennessee discovering the positive and negative outcomes of online engagement, the discovery of human connection coupled with the fateful desire for celebrity demise, the monetization of our online identities and issues of self surveillance.

  • Research
  • Video Editing

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